Brookfield Place


Situated just steps from the reflecting pools, Brookfield Place offers very popular restaurants with a variety of cuisines.  Your every meal is a culinary delight with high quality casual dining venues on our site, all offering great service with a wide selection of food to suit all tastes.  You will have a choice ranging from hand-rolled oven baked bagels, premium chopped salads, amazing bay area tacos, market fresh seafood, amazing sushi, and all of your favorites from around the world.  Check in with our Brookfield Place partners for a check-list of where to eat in New York City!

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Restaurants are available from 7am for breakfast, then throughout the day until the lively bars close... if they close!  

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Shopping in New York is one of the greatest experiences ever. Take advantage of the shops located in the direct vicinity of North Cove Marina or venture out into mid-town Manhattan and take home a piece of New York! There is much to offer from many of the nearby retail outlets selling wine & beer, clothes, gifts, flowers, and more.

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Within a short distance, either by taxi or a 10-minute walk, is the world-famed Central Park. Take a stroll or relax on the largest grassy area in the most extravagant city in the world or hang out for a concert. Stop by one of the many sidewalk cafes for a fresh cup of coffee or tea before heading back to your vessel to get ready for a night out on the town!

Things to See & Do

You're in New York City! What isn't there to do! Located within the direct area, you will find a luxurious fitness club as well as a variety of waterfront activities to enjoy.
Venture just outside Brookfield Place and visit the 9-11 Memorial where you can share your memories and hear the stories from the day the world stopped turning.
Hop on a bicycle and cruise around the city and discover the euphoric energy of which New Yorkers say is indescribable.

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