Brookfield Place has an array of restaurants with a variety of cuisines and service that is expected of a world renowned destination. Your every meal will be a culinary delight at any of the venues on site, all which offer great service with a wide selection of food to suit all tastes.

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Take advantage of the shops located in the direct vicinity of North Cove Marina or venture out into mid-town Manhattan and take home a piece of New York! There is much to offer from many of the nearby retail outlets selling wine & beer, clothes, gifts, flowers, and more.

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Things to See & Do

You're in New York City! What isn't there to do! Located within walking distance of the marina, you will find a luxurious fitness club as well as a variety of waterfront activities to enjoy. 

Venture just outside Brookfield Place and visit the 9-11 Memorial where you can share your memories and hear the stories from the day the world stopped turning.
Hop on a bicycle and cruise around the city and discover the euphoric energy that makes this great city tick.

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Concierge Services

If you're in need of assistance to take care of some last minute business needs, feel free to ask our staff on-site and they will be happy to assist you enjoy your New York minutes as efficiently as possible.

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